We offer four different types of Gunstock wood.

Black Walnut: This is the densest and heaviest of walnuts. It is an excellent wood for Gunstock because of its strength. It is less expensive than some woods and it often has more figure than other woods.

English Walnut: Some consider this the finest wood for gunstocks. The best English Walnut has beautiful dark stripes or Marblecake figuring. It is valued for its workability.gunstock

Claro Walnut: Claro is a Spanish word meaning clear or bright. Claro trees are a hybrid of species created by grafting an English walnut tree with either Black walnut or California walnut. The wood near the graft is often variegated in color with marble-like dark brown and tan swirls. Claro is an ideal wood for Gunstocks because it has good strength and bending qualities and takes finishes well. It is a beautiful wood for an affordable price.

Maple: A strong and durable choice for Gunstock. It is usually light in color and is favored for its beautiful figuring.

If you need any advice or assistance in selecting a Gunstock blank for your project, contact us. We are available to help you find the perfect piece for your particular needs.